Sustainability is currently the most commonly used word, that you find in newspapers, magazines and talkshows. People are becoming aware of the need to live, work and consume more sustainably. The government provides all kinds of options and tips that can contribute to a healthy environment. But what exactly can you do to have a more sustainable lifestyle?

Take electric driving, for example. It is still quite expensive for many people to buy an electric car. But it is expected that this will become more affordable in coming year. When used electric cars appear on the market, it is also possible for families with a limited budget to contribute to a healthier environment by driving an electric car.

be more sustainable

CO2 emissions caused by cars

One fourth of all the CO2 emissions is caused by cars. The electric car will be able to prevent these emissions to a large extent. And also, not unimportantly, it will become quieter around roads as these cars cause less noise pollution. Especially in the cities, this should be a relief for residents.

It is currently easier to drive and electric car as there are more charging stations available.

The electric car with the best radius per euro

It is smart to lease an electric car and see if such a car meets your expectations. At the moment, much is already possible. Still planning to purchase an electric car? Then make sure that the radius of action is as advantageous as possible in your situation. The Opel-Ampera-e is currently by far the best.

Sustainability at home

Today it is difficult to say no to many items that appear on the market. However, as a private person we can indeed change our consumption behavior and take a good step in the right direction.

Many companies offer all kinds of products that we actually do not need or already have in some other form. We always fall for it. A number of items are not so sustainable, but we buy it anyway. For example, the ballpoint pen. Better buy a nice fountain pen. These may be slightly more expensive, but can be reused time and time again by refilling with ink. It is just a small effort you can do, but saves a huge pile of ballpoint pens that are quickly empty and thrown away.

Zero waste

The same goes for plastic bags, of course. In many countries, every purchase you do is still being packed in a plastic bag. Dutch stores no longer provide plastic bags, or you have to pay additionally for them. The solution is pretty clear. Consumer bring their own bag instead of consuming plastic bags. This results in a huge decrease in plastic waste in the environment.

It has actually become a different way of life. Living sustainably is another way without actually having to give up your luxury life. You just have to think better before you buy something and think about whether you need it or just want it. Try to avoid impulse purchases but buy what you actually need.

Sustainable development

The development of sustainability will have to meet the needs of today’s world residents. Generations that have to live after us cannot be compromised. All aspects of sustainability must be carefully thought through and must not obstruct our daily basic needs. People need to be able to continue traveling without too much CO2 emissions, to be able to live comfortably with clean water, heat and good light sources. All this must be conceivable with the smallest possible environmental footprint per inhabitant.

Make your own contribution

As human beings, we are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that we only have one earth. Our offspring is also entitled to a healthy, clean world. We can already do a lot by adapting small things in our daily lives.

But we can also do simple things and get immediate positive results, like:

  • Solar panels
  • Recycling
  • Conscious use of energy
  • Eating vegetarian food a few times a week

So today you’ve read a good reason to start eating meat only one day a week. This is a great boost for the environment on an annual basis. It saves a pollution of more than 550 kilometers with an average car, 1000 liters of water and around 6 kilos of meat!!!

You need help with eating less meat? Try this excellent guide for beginners to eat less meat.

Save the environment by consuming less

Some countries have made good steps forward concerning a lower level of consumption. In a capitalist society, we are used to buy new stuff all the time. This is materialism. However, this is also very polluting. Do we really need all this new stuff? The answer is mostly: no. So safe the environment by buying less unnecessary stuff, but rather reuse and buy second hand items.