Ok, we want a more sustainable lifestyle. But what are the most sustainable clothing brands?

Sustainable clothing brands produce clothing with sustainable resources and in an ethical way. Ethical means: a fair salary for the workers and no child labor. This means that sustainable clothing brands tend to be a bit more expensive than cheap clothing brands like Zara, Primark or regular H&M. However, you can buy sustainable clothing with a clear conscious.

Fast fashion

When you get to know the clothing industry a bit, you will soon discover that the current clothing industry is not making a sustainable contribution to a healthy environment. Clothing that is produced rapidly in countries where children and women have to work hard to earn a little money.

This is the reason why an outfit from the fast fashion industry is really cheap. This is clothing that is made for our cheap clothing stores. You’ll wear it up to 5 times, discover the bad quality and will forget about it. Only 1% of the clothing we have worn from the fast fashion stores is recycled correctly. What a shame of all that money, resources and the work that has been done.

It is of course much better for everyone that we purchase sustainable clothing that we will enjoy for much longer. Sustainable clothing should actually become just as common as organic food.

Web shops with sustainable clothing

There are a large number of sustainable clothing web shops that offer beautiful items of clothing. Take It Slow Store is a online store that sells most sustainable clothing brands. For women, men and children, this is a place that is well-arranged and where minimalist, timeless styles contribute to a cleaner world.

Best sustainable clothing brands

Most of us want to live sustainably. We want to live without leaving a huge ecological footprint. To what extent do we actually achieve this?

Once you start purchasing sustainable outfits you will see that you want to continue to do this in the future. It is good to know which sustainable clothing brands have decided to produce clothing in a responsible manner. Below you will find a short list of my favorite sustainable clothing brands. Every company has its own story.

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Filippa K sustainable clothing

Filippa K is a Swedish clothing brand that has been on the market since 1993. Comfortable clothing of good quality that has a simple look and is produced in the right way. This clothing brand aims for the entire clothing line to be recyclable and biodegradable by 2030.

The simple designs of this brand are made of, among other things, merino wool and cashmere. Of course, this brand has a certain price tag. Filippa K is way ahead of its time in women’s sportswear. High-waist training leggings and rib-knit turtlenecks are particularly comfortable to wear during light sport activities.  

Kings of Indigo sustainable clothing

Kings of Indigo is an extraordinary clothing brand that gives 100% guarantee that the production will be done fairly.

Kings of Indigo sells jeans made from sustainable material. This store has a number of pillars that they wholeheartedly support, like:

  • The use of sustainable materials
  • Organic cotton
  • Tencel material.

Tencel material is recycled wool and PET. Together they form this artificial substance that can easily be used for sustainable clothing.

The organic cotton that is used is free from chemical substances. Only 1% of cotton production consists of organic cotton. In the future, to protect mother earth, this will have to be cultivated more. Organic cotton varieties ensure less water consumption. Want to know more about this brand?

Goat sustainable clothing

Goat‘s organic clothing is becoming increasingly popular. For both women and men, Goat has some great items. Organic t-shirts for everyone, for just under 18 euros.

This company was created by the twins Abigail and Lavinia Bakker. They had a need for honest produced white organic cotton T-shirts, which was also affordable. The idea was born to get started in the clothing industry and have T-shirts produced in an ethical way.

Later, the ladies expanded their clothing line with, among other things, sweaters and joggers. And very recently the sustainable range was expanded with REcolour, REmix, REscued and the REcycle collection.

Take a look at their website.