We all buy clothes. However, we also know that the clothing industry is not the most sustainable or fair. How can you buy sustainable clothes? In this article I give you some useful tips.

Cheap is crap

Sustainable clothes are a bit problematic. We like to look good, but buying new clothes every season is not very sustainable. Quality is also an important issue. Large retail chains such as Primark, H&M and Zara sell items of clothing that usually do not last long. A blouse at Primark costs only about €10. However, the quality is so bad you can only wear it for one year, at the most.

It is more sustainable to buy clothes of a better quality. It might be more expensive, but you’ll be able to wear at a lot longer. Cheap sounds good, but does it still give satisfaction in the long run?

Unfairtrade production

Think deeply when you buy clothes. If you pay a low price, someone else pays the rest.

Clothing that is offered in cheap chain stores is almost all made in low-wage countries. Workers often get a salary that is too low for them to live. And children often make this clothing under harsh conditions.

Children should be in school to develop themselves and their country. Remember that when you purchase cheap clothes, you stand in the way of children’s development. Once a child earns money, it is difficult to get them into school.

Is there a way to prevent this? Yes! Don’t buy cheap clothes, but buy clothes with a Fair Trade certification.

Quality clothing over quantity

One of the most important things to consider when buying sustainable clothes: choose quality. And really, sustainable clothing doesn’t have to be very expensive.

A T-shirt of 5 euros is simply not possible. It means the quality is so bad, and the condition of the workers is so bad, that €5 can be the price. So expect the very least concerning quality.

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Quality clothing remains beautiful for much longer, even after a number of washes. Cheap T-shirts are made of cheap fabrics, causing it to stretch easily and loose form.

Do not fall for it!

Or a cute dress of 15 euros which is very nice when it is displayed on a mannequin in the store. It is usually crap, without quality and simply a waste of money. You usually notice the quality of cheaper clothing if you have worn a garment for a few times and have washed it a few times. It will fall apart and will end up in the back of your closet.

affordable fair trade

Cheap is often expensive

Most clothing that you buy cheaply turns out to be expensive in the long run. However, there are plenty of affordable chain stores that sell good and reliable clothing.

For example: the Dutch Zeeman. They have reached the C-label, which means that they are not there yet, but are already on the right track. More and more, certain stores aim to be more sustainable and responsible.

De Zeeman sells textiles of good quality at a low price. This textile is basic textile, that is, underwear, pajamas, baby rompers etc. Made responsibly with respect for the environment. This is partly because the designs are simple and the stores are plain.

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Buy second hand clothes

Some people feel ashamed of wearing second hand clothing. However, second hand clothing is increasingly becoming a trend. For example, vintage clothing. Or quality clothing of expensive brands being sold again as second hand clothing for a very affordable price. Why? Because the quality is still excellent.

Second hand clothes

Buy quality, second hand clothes

Online is also a lot of choice in finding second-hand clothing. Take the Vinted app, where you can sell and buy second hand clothes. This way clothes get a second chance! And buyers can buy very affordable clothes. It is not always the sustainable clothing brands that you can purchase, but buying second hand clothes is always more sustainable than buying new clothes. Better than throwing in the trash.

Long lifetime of second hand clothes

When buying second hand clothing, the lifespan of clothing is extended. Because you purchase a second-hand sweater or pants, no new items need to be produced. This saves energy, waste and raw materials (resources). Reuse of clothing is environmentally conscious and it gives your wardrobe a new boost in a cheap way!

Learn to combine old and new

Many people don’t understand how you can combine old with new. They want a new sweater and buy new trousers the combine with it. It is much more fun to be more conscious of your clothing.

Try combining pants that you have had for a number of years with a beautiful, new sweater. It is not always necessary to purchase something new. Make sure you always have a black dress in your closet as a woman. You can combine this with all possible jackets, cardigans and shawls. It is not surprising that you have worn that dress twenty times at a party. On the contrary, it is exciting and fun to create a different look with this piece of clothing. Good for the environment and good for your wallet.

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