Do you want to live more sustainably? But do you struggle with sustainability? Read these simple sustainability tips and make you life more environmental friendly.

Why? Because we should all reduce our ecological footprint on this earth.

If we want our children and grandchildren to have a pleasant life on this planet, we will have to live more sustainably. Many people are already doing an ok job. For example, by using solar panels, recycling, green energy, electric car and other types of ways.

A more complex thing is to reduce our gas consumption. Gas is not a renewable resource, but our homes are dependent on gas for warm water, heating and cooking on gas stoves. This is an important challenge for human beings.

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Sustainability tips to save energy

A lot can be done to save energy. Most things are actually quite simple.

Green lightning

Use LED-lights, but also try to use lights in the rooms your actually use. Turn of the lights in other rooms.

A+++ appliances

Do you have old appliances? These use a lot of energy. Turn them off when you don’t really need them. But better: replace them for new appliances with an A+++ energy level. This means these appliances are really energy savers. This will also save you money on your monthly energy bill.

Turn appliances off

Turn the appliances off that you don’t really use. Don’t use standby functions and don’t leave plugs connected when not in use.

Water saving solutions

Seriously, this tip is the most simple one in these sustainability tips. Change your shower head and toilet flush for water saving solutions. You won’t notice when showering, but a water saving shower head is actually using less water and spreading the water in a comfortable stream.

A water saving toilet flush has two buttons: one for number 1 and a bigger flush for number 2. This means that you can save water during at least half of the visits to the toilet. 

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Sustainable tips in our daily life

We can do a lot ourselves to save our planet. Be responsible and think deeply about the choices you make. It is important to set a good example for our children and to show them that being environmentally friendly is important. Sometimes these are just small steps.

Plant trees while shopping

This technology is a great solution to live sustainably. TreeClicks plants trees when you shop at one of the 10.000+ online stores. That is how simple sustainable tips can be.

Visit TreeClicks and download this free Chrome extension >>>

Sustainable tips and travel

We travel a lot nowadays. We find it quite normal to take a plane a few times a year. This is something modern. Only thirty years ago people weren’t used to travel so abundantly. And do you realize how polluting traveling is?

All your sustainability efforts save as much CO2 as one short flight.

Try to travel more responsibly. Take your bike or go by foot. And for longer travels: prefer public transport over the car. Save money to buy an electric car and skip the plane.

Give preference for a vacation nearby or do a road trip. There are plenty of great alternatives to the plane.

Sustainability tips and food

You’ve already heard, but you probably didn’t like this tip: Our food consumption is generally very polluting.

  • Eat less meat. Meat production is very polluting. Tip: Become a flexitarian and try to eat meat only a few days a week. I will promise you: after a little while you won’t notice the difference anymore.
  • Eat local food. Food from the other side of the world has been transported by container ship. This is a very polluting way of transportation. It’s better to eat local food that hasn’t traveled to world to get to your plate.
  • Eat seasonal food. These days we can buy all kinds of food in the supermarket. Non-seasonal produce is grown in glass houses that consume a lot of energy. Better give preference to fresh seasonal produce.

Need inspiration? Follow The Flexitarian.

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Buy sustainable clothing

It is not yet common, but there are many sustainable clothing brands that produce sustainable fashion.

Read more tips about sustainable clothing in this blog article >>>

Consume less

Really, we are consumption tigers. We consume an enormous amount of stuff. Do you realize how much resources are used to produce these products? And do you realize how polluting the transportation of these products is, in order for it to arrive in your home? So question yourself: Do I really need all this stuff? Find tips for being more sustainable on the blog Choose Greener.

The most environmental friendly thing to do is to not buy so much. Decrease your consumption pattern.