Elizabeth Brunner is the founder of Piece x Piece (Piece by Piece), a sustainable fashion label founded in 2008 based on the idea that existing materials are a precious resource with untapped potential. Piece x Piece uses fabric samples as both the inspiration and the material for carefully composed one-of-a-kind garments.

After studying interior architecture, Elizabeth traveled to London in 2001 to work at the esteemed design firm Pentagram, where she gained valuable experience working with clients such as Boots, Pure Beauty and Rabobank. In her free time, she immersed herself in London's rich and diverse design and fashion culture. Inspired by her time in Europe, Elizabeth entered the Fashion Design program at California College of the Arts, graduating with a degree in Fine Arts in 2007.

Elizabeth combines her design training with her passion for sustainability to meaningfully address material waste in the fashion industry. By exploring creative possibilities for re-use, she has innovated an original technique for creating evocative and environmentally conscious clothing.

With Piece x Piece, Elizabeth draws upon her environmental concerns as inspiration for her designs and the brand ethos. The label is a representation of Elizabeth's philosophy, values and experiences. This viewpoint ultimately defines the modern, and richly detailed essence of her clothing.