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Meet Whistle & Flute

Meet Whistle & Flute, the latest generous fabric contributors to Piece x Piece. Founded in 2007 by Yoon Chang (above) and (camera shy) Je-won Hwang, Whistle & Flute is a brand from NYC that combines modern femininity with a kiss of masculine inspiration. Last time I was in NYC I got a chance to swing by the W&F studio and meet these lovely ladies, which was just like hanging out with a couple of girlfriends, they were super cool!

The beauty of their collections are obviously clear but the true allure is also in the details. With delicate ties, special stitching and eye catching cutouts, you won’t find anything else like it…we know, we’ve looked.

Whistle & Flute takes its name from cockney rhyming slang and it also pays homage to their husbands who happen to both be from jolly ol’ England. Cheers to them!

If you want to know more about Whistle & Flute (and we know you do.) Check out http://www.whistleflute.com

Thank you ladies, for contributing your gorgeous fabrics to Piece x Piece. We LOVE them!

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