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DogPatch, Shantytown USA

Welcome to the other side of DogPatch. We’ve shown you many popular hot spots to shop and eat here in the hood of Piece x Piece, but we have been dying to share with you the spookier side of our otherwise quaint little neighborhood. Our block has come a long way in the past couple of years, thanks to the T-line, the development of UCSF Research Centers, the renovation of the Carriage House, the opening of Serpentine and so many others. And while all the construction has brought new life into the neighborhood it’s also begun a crack down on what we like to call Shantytown.

Ever since PxP has resided in DogPatch we have noticed a number of RVs, vans, trucks and just plain camping out in general. We all know San Francisco has always had more than its fair share of homeless inhabitants but here in DogPatch it’s more about shanty encampments.

Need a kitty? DogPatch is home to many. Need a shopping cart? Come on down! Feel the urge to pick up some trash? We have just the place for you. You never really know what or who you’ll find living down that dark alley surrounded by all the abandoned warehouses with broken windows and barbed wire entrances. It’s sensory overload!

So next time you come down to DogPatch for some fabulous wine at Yield Winebar, or some yummy New Orleans style sweet fixings from Just for You Cafe take a closer look and see for yourself the colorful somewhat unsavory surroundings. You may just get a first hand peek at the elusive town in the neighborhood. It’s a shantytown people, and it may not be around for much longer…

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