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2012 Resolve: Do Your Part!

As the years pass, the population grows and our Earth becomes more fragile and susceptible to change. Our impact on the environment has become exceedingly clear as we begin to feel the affects of global warming and climate change. We are each responsible for doing our share and here at Piece x Piece we thought we would help by sharing a few tips and ideas on some quick and easy ways you can help in your daily life.

Recycle Right

Recycling seems like the easiest way to help reduce our waste, right? Well, it absolutely blows our minds that its not mandatory! There are many citizens trying their best to recycle and with so many different rules on what’s acceptable to fill your blue bin with its easy to get it wrong. Throw in SF’s new green composting bin and you could be set for a headache. It’s important to get it right and be informed on how to recycle right in order to make sure that what you’re doing to help is actually helping. Visit the link to Recology SF to find out more on what really goes into those black, blue and green bins. And don’t forget E-waste too! All your unwanted electronics and broken gadgets definitely don’t belong in the trash (especially not the landfill). Your tax deductible E-waste donation can easily be picked up at your front door for free! Visit the link here for more details.

Choose a DIY Project

DIY projects are a fun and easy way to get creative and re-use items that no longer serve a purpose for you. If you have kids get them involved too and spend the weekend transforming unwanted knick knacks into handmade treasures. Some of our favorite DIY projects and ideas come from blogs like Unconsumption. Seen above, a super-cute idea for a new dog bed made from a vintage suitcase, metal funnels transformed into unique candle holders and your standard mason jars make bathroom organization easy. Surf the DIY blogs and get inspired for more do-it-yourself fun!

Re-use it or Lose-it

Everything should have more than one purpose in its lifetime. From a grocery bag, to a jar of spaghetti sauce, to an old bath towel, finding a second or third reason to put an item to use can not only save you time but also a whole lot of cash. If you haven’t already hopped on the band wagon and bought yourself some reusable cloth grocery bags see to it that your paper or plastic ones go a long way before they’re tossed away. Use them to bring your lunch, sort recyclables or pick up after your pooch. A standard grocery bag is built to last not just to be trashed!

Tupperware parties are a thing of the past. Why spend money on food storage when so much of your food comes with built-in reusable containers. Simply take all the containers and jars you buy filled with your pasta sauce, salsa and jams and reuse them as to-go containers for your lunch and your leftovers. You’ll never spend a buck on plastic Tupperware again!

Finally, when you’re due for a new set of linens find reasons to re-use and save the old ones. Why bother spending your cash on rags to scrub your tub or floors with? Old bath towels make great rags to clean your house with when you cut them up. Or leave one in the trunk of your car for that day you spill coffee or your dog gets soaked at the beach!

Whatever it is that you choose to do, to re-use and lessen your impact on our Earth helps! There is no feat too small to be recognized. Please feel free to share any of your at-home re-use ideas!

“Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without” – New England proverb

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