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Giving Back This Holiday Season

It’s obviously important to us here at Piece x Piece to conserve, re-use, re-purpose and give back to our community, essentially lessening our impact on Mother Earth whenever possible. It’s not always the easiest route to take but it sure does feel good. During the Holidays its especially important to not only be grateful for everything we have but to also pay it forward and extend an arm to those who may be less fortunate.

One of our favorite ways to give back is to give the gift of animals, and we don’t mean puppies and kittens. Heifer International is a perfect organization to give the gift that keeps on giving. Heifer’s basic goal is to end world hunger & poverty by giving families a hand-up, not just a hand-out. Gifts of livestock and training, help families improve their nutrition and generate income in sustainable ways. They refer to the animals as “living loans” because in exchange for their livestock and training, families agree to give one of its animal’s offspring to another family in need. It’s called Passing on the Gift – a cornerstone of the Heifer mission that creates an ever-expanding network of hope and peace. If you would like to contribute in a meaningful way this Holiday season that will not only impact one family but many others, Heifer would be the way to go.

Visit Hefer International to find out more.

Secret Santa’s are popping up everywhere. With the season for giving at hand we are seeing more generosity than any other time of year. In a recent interview with a Nebraska Kmart Store Manager, “Dozens of Kmart customers across the country have had their layaways paid off by strangers…buying the Christmas gifts other families couldn’t afford, especially toys and children’s clothes set aside by impoverished parents.” A trend that has sparked across the country with many retailers offering layaway services and more and more families living beyond their means. It feels good to do something great for someone else.

If you always have a hot plate of food for dinner, it may be hard to imagine how many adults and children go without. In San Francisco, more than 150,000 people struggle each day to feed themselves and their families. Giving to your local food bank could be the easiest and most important giving you could do this Holiday Season. The San Francisco Food Bank will distribute approximately 40 million pounds of food and fresh produce this year to families in need. For a list of locations to drop off canned goods and other foods visit the SF Food Bank website. Or, simply text FEED to 80077 to donate $10 to Bay Area Foods Banks courtesy of ABC 7′s  20th Annual Holiday Food Drive.

Christmas is a necessity.  There has to be at least one day of the year to remind us that we’re here for something else besides ourselves.  ~Eric Sevareid

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Piece x Piece Holiday Sale and Party

It was a full moon the night of the party. Which could only mean one thing, it was going to be a fun night! We had a great turn out and we couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to come by our studio and shop. It was a night to remember.

A picture of the hardworking PxP staff (left-Reeves Sinnot & right-Michaela Montfort) as well as a garland of ties, and a basket full of scarves. Special thanks to the girls for helping me through the first year of Piece x Piece. I couldn’t have done it without you both!

Some happy PxP shoppers! Xuan scored a Native Owl Scarf, Oakley couldn’t decided which City Matrix tie he was taking home, and Reeves poses here with other PxP shoppers, Stephanie, Alicia and Ophelia. Can’t wait to see everyone wearing their new PxP!

Coralie shows us that wearing a tie the regular way is boring, why not wear it like a scarf? Of course if you knew Coralie you’d know what a trend setter she really is. Mark and his lovely little girl came by and did some x-mas shopping. My former instructor at CCA, Jean, came by to show some support to PxP.

Michaela was a busy, busy lady ringing up the PxP merchandise for the evening. Trust me you did NOT want to get in the way of her “system” for checking people out. Reeves and Mario (cutest couple) managed to make a few purchases that night as well. Thank you to everyone who came out and shopped our first annual Holiday Sale. It was such a success that we ran out of bags before the evening was over…sorry about that. Can’t wait to see you all wearing your new Piece x Piece!

Missed the Party? We’ve got you covered. 50% off all merchandise when you use promo code “pxp4me” at the check-out. Merchandise is limited and going quick so better shop before it’s gone!

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PxP Spring 2012 Intern Search

Piece x Piece has a seasonal student internship position available. Starting in January and lasting approximately 3 months, for 1-3 days/week.

Internship duties include: assisting in design (apparel and accessory), patternmaking, muslin sewing, organization, and assisting with press, sales and production. Also, Internet marketing, blogging, posting updates to Facebook and Twitter.

We are looking for someone with strong communication skills who takes direction well. You must have a positive demeanor, be proactive, punctual, attentive to detail and well organized. Please apply if you have knowledge in patternmaking and garment construction. Knitwear knowledge or previous experience with Internet Marketing is a plus.

The Piece x Piece internship program offers school credit only. Students with Junior or Senior status preferred. Please include a cover letter and resume, also note your upcoming Spring availability.

All inquiries should be directed to: michaela@pxp-sf.com

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SF in November

The leaves are turning, the air is crisp, the days are shorter and the holidays are looming. Maybe you have family and friends coming to town or maybe you’re hanging out in the city with your usual peeps. Either way we found some fun things in SF and around the Bay Area that will keep your relatives amused and you all happy. Time to grab a jacket, scarf and boots and hit the streets of SF!

Visit a museum and get inspired! There is no shortage of museums here in SF so your biggest problem will choosing which one you want to go to. We’d love to go check out the Houdini: Art and Magic exhibit at the Contemporary Jewish Museum. Houdini is a classic and we heard they have replicated his famous Water Torture Cell. Spooky. We’d also love to explore The American Sculpture and & Decorative Art Exhibit from the permanent collection at the De Young museum in Golden Gate Park. With over 800 sculptures and literally thousands of decorative arts you’ll have an eye full of inspiration to last you the rest of winter! Lastly, at MOMA until January is the Richard Serra Drawings Retrospective, complete with many of the artists sculptures. You will see the evolution of an artist and experience  the wall-sized abstractions he created. Enjoy!

Looking for someplace to take the kids this weekend? Natural Bridges in Santa Cruz is only a short drive away, and this time of year is perfect to go visit the population of Monarch Butterflies that flock in masses to the low hung eucalyptus trees. Gathered together for warmth you’ll see giant clusters of butterflies guaranteed to be memorable. Take a guided tour or just search around yourself, you will not be disappointed. Also, apple season is almost over but there are still many orchards around the Bay Area, like Gabriel Farms in Sebastopol, where you and your brood can spend the afternoon picking apples to your delight! Perfect for all your impending Holiday baking. And finally, if heading over the bridge or down the peninsula isn’t to your liking SF will soon be primed with 2 new outdoor ice skating rinks for you to enjoy this winter. You’ll find them at Embarcadero Plaza and in downtown at Union Square.

And now on a note about what not to do with your kids, here are a few high end booze runs you can make before the holidays hit. Hangar One vodka distillery in Alameda is open to the public and provides an amazing vodka tasting for you and your friends. With offerings like Buddhas Hand Citron, Spiced Pear and Mandarin Blossom we never thought vodka could taste so good. And who knew you could go wine tasting on Treasure Island? Yup, you sure can Treasure Islands Wines offers us over 20 varieties of wines from 5 notable artisan wineries located right on Treasure Island. So we say who needs Napa when you’ve got Treasure Island! And finally for the brew lover, SF is booming with locally made beers. Be it 21st Amendment in South Beach, or Magnolia in the Haight search no further for the cold fizzy stuff. And if you need an even more diverse selection City Beer Store in SOMA is stocked!

So whatever it is you decide to spend your free weekends doing this November, here’s to staying warm and enjoying all the friends and family around us!

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Meet Malia Mills

We would love to introduce to you, the amazing Malia Mills. We recently received a generous donation from this New York based collection. Focused mainly on swimwear, Malia Mills is your go to for sexy suits that will make you feel gorgeous while hitting the beach or laying by the pool. This is not to say that Piece x Piece will be debuting swimwear anytime soon, Malia’s collection comes complete with looks to layer over her jaw dropping swimsuits and those are the sample fabrics we were lucky enough to receive.

We love Malia’s philosophy about a woman’s body. She works hard to create swimsuits that not only flatter women but also empowers them. Her ready to wear collection includes dresses, tunics, pants, sweaters, jackets and accessories so you’ll have a complete look that is sure to turn plenty of heads.

“at malia mills we don’t want to change the way you look, we want to change the way you look at yourself. our mission is to inspire women, no matter what brand of swimwear they have on, to look in the mirror and to smile at what they see.” -Malia Mills

Want to see for yourself? Check out Malia’s website and find the PERFECT swimsuit for your body and for your next warm weather getaway. Sure it’s Fall, but it’s always summer somewhere else so it’s best to be prepared for that unexpected trip.


And check out this video of a recent California photo shoot with Malia Mills

love thy differences from Malia Mills on Vimeo.

Thank you so much Malia! We love everything you sent us and have already created some pieces we love using your donation.

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