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Piece x Piece Holiday Sale and Party

It was a full moon the night of the party. Which could only mean one thing, it was going to be a fun night! We had a great turn out and we couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to come by our studio and shop. It was a night to remember.

A picture of the hardworking PxP staff (left-Reeves Sinnot & right-Michaela Montfort) as well as a garland of ties, and a basket full of scarves. Special thanks to the girls for helping me through the first year of Piece x Piece. I couldn’t have done it without you both!

Some happy PxP shoppers! Xuan scored a Native Owl Scarf, Oakley couldn’t decided which City Matrix tie he was taking home, and Reeves poses here with other PxP shoppers, Stephanie, Alicia and Ophelia. Can’t wait to see everyone wearing their new PxP!

Coralie shows us that wearing a tie the regular way is boring, why not wear it like a scarf? Of course if you knew Coralie you’d know what a trend setter she really is. Mark and his lovely little girl came by and did some x-mas shopping. My former instructor at CCA, Jean, came by to show some support to PxP.

Michaela was a busy, busy lady ringing up the PxP merchandise for the evening. Trust me you did NOT want to get in the way of her “system” for checking people out. Reeves and Mario (cutest couple) managed to make a few purchases that night as well. Thank you to everyone who came out and shopped our first annual Holiday Sale. It was such a success that we ran out of bags before the evening was over…sorry about that. Can’t wait to see you all wearing your new Piece x Piece!

Missed the Party? We’ve got you covered. 50% off all merchandise when you use promo code “pxp4me” at the check-out. Merchandise is limited and going quick so better shop before it’s gone!

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Brand New: Native Owl Scarf and City Matrix Necktie

We are pleased to announce two new additions to the Piece x Piece Collection- the Native Owl Unisex Scarf and the City Matrix Men’s Necktie.  Our male audience has been neglected quite a bit since our launch, so here’s to them.  The Native Owl scarves come in great colors though- so don’t fret ladies there is also something new for you!

The Native Owl Scarf is made extra long so you can wrap it any way you like.  It gives any outfit that extra something special and really draws the eye.

This sweet tie with love birds is a perfect Valentines Day gift for your honey.

Both the scarf and tie are made of 100% rescued swatch fabrics from local design houses.  These luxe knit swatches used in all of our scarves come from old headers which are graciously donated to us by Isda and Co.  Thanks Isda!

The Native Owl Scarf and City Matrix Tie are available at Wear Something Rare and Eco Citizen.  All photographs taken by Michaela Monfort.  For more great shots check out our facebook page.

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For the Love of Sustainable Things

To honor the release of Piece x Piece’s two new accessories: the City Matrix men’s necktie and the Native Owl unisex scarf- we want to pay homage to several sustainable companies like us, who consider discarded material just as valuable as new material.

Margarette Jewelry


Margarette Simmons creates beautiful jewelry, all out of recycled metals.  Each piece is handmade in her New York studio.  This is one of few jewelry labels  that we have found, that uses recycled material so successfully.

Reco Jeans


Reco jeans is a pioneer of innovation in the denim industry.  They are  first brand of its size and kind to use up to 60% recycled cotton denim in each pair of denim they manufacture.  Reco developed a way to reuse old denim fibers weaving it with new cotton to provide strength.  As an added bonus, the sustainbility of every element of their production has also been considered.  They limit the amount of tags they use and also make their poly bags and hang tags out of recycled material.  Reco Jeans also happens to be Hong Kong Green Label Certified.  We love these jeans paired with the Division Tunic and of course new Native Owl Scarf, because you never know in San Francisco.

Outerlands Design


Jared Johnson of Outerlands Design will build you just about anything as long as he can do it sustainably.  From the brainstorm to the design process he has you involved. For everything from reclaimed wood frames to remodels and anything in between, Johnson uses wood that is destined for trash to create their gorgeously unique pieces.  Here is a bit more about a project he did on Haight Street in San Francisco, in Johnson’s own words,

“The wood used was reclaimed Mohogany and Oak from boards that had been mis-milled and were slated for the landfill or firewood pile.  With a little extra time spent milling each piece outerlands was able to construct the project with 100% salvaged wood.”

Jared Johnson is not afraid of putting a little extra effort in order to salvage a lot.  Now, that is right up our alley.

Custom made frame of reclaimed wood by Outerlands

Table made from reclaimed wood

Windfall Acacia Table by Outerlands

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