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SF in November

The leaves are turning, the air is crisp, the days are shorter and the holidays are looming. Maybe you have family and friends coming to town or maybe you’re hanging out in the city with your usual peeps. Either way we found some fun things in SF and around the Bay Area that will keep your relatives amused and you all happy. Time to grab a jacket, scarf and boots and hit the streets of SF!

Visit a museum and get inspired! There is no shortage of museums here in SF so your biggest problem will choosing which one you want to go to. We’d love to go check out the Houdini: Art and Magic exhibit at the Contemporary Jewish Museum. Houdini is a classic and we heard they have replicated his famous Water Torture Cell. Spooky. We’d also love to explore The American Sculpture and & Decorative Art Exhibit from the permanent collection at the De Young museum in Golden Gate Park. With over 800 sculptures and literally thousands of decorative arts you’ll have an eye full of inspiration to last you the rest of winter! Lastly, at MOMA until January is the Richard Serra Drawings Retrospective, complete with many of the artists sculptures. You will see the evolution of an artist and experience¬† the wall-sized abstractions he created. Enjoy!

Looking for someplace to take the kids this weekend? Natural Bridges in Santa Cruz is only a short drive away, and this time of year is perfect to go visit the population of Monarch Butterflies that flock in masses to the low hung eucalyptus trees. Gathered together for warmth you’ll see giant clusters of butterflies guaranteed to be memorable. Take a guided tour or just search around yourself, you will not be disappointed. Also, apple season is almost over but there are still many orchards around the Bay Area, like Gabriel Farms in Sebastopol, where you and your brood can spend the afternoon picking apples to your delight! Perfect for all your impending Holiday baking. And finally, if heading over the bridge or down the peninsula isn’t to your liking SF will soon be primed with 2 new outdoor ice skating rinks for you to enjoy this winter. You’ll find them at Embarcadero Plaza and in downtown at Union Square.

And now on a note about what not to do with your kids, here are a few high end booze runs you can make before the holidays hit. Hangar One vodka distillery in Alameda is open to the public and provides an amazing vodka tasting for you and your friends. With offerings like Buddhas Hand Citron, Spiced Pear and Mandarin Blossom we never thought vodka could taste so good. And who knew you could go wine tasting on Treasure Island? Yup, you sure can Treasure Islands Wines offers us over 20 varieties of wines from 5 notable artisan wineries located right on Treasure Island. So we say who needs Napa when you’ve got Treasure Island! And finally for the brew lover, SF is booming with locally made beers. Be it 21st Amendment in South Beach, or Magnolia in the Haight search no further for the cold fizzy stuff. And if you need an even more diverse selection City Beer Store in SOMA is stocked!

So whatever it is you decide to spend your free weekends doing this November, here’s to staying warm and enjoying all the friends and family around us!

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