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Show us Your Piece x Piece

Piece x Piece and Mc Calls patterns have recently collaborated for their new Generation Next campaign featuring up and coming designers. You can now make your very own Division Tunic at home with all your leftover bits and pieces! We would love to see what you all come up with, so please post your own pics of your Division Tunic on our Facebook page. And be sure to check out the article written by Eco Salon.

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2012 Resolve: Do Your Part!

As the years pass, the population grows and our Earth becomes more fragile and susceptible to change. Our impact on the environment has become exceedingly clear as we begin to feel the affects of global warming and climate change. We are each responsible for doing our share and here at Piece x Piece we thought we would help by sharing a few tips and ideas on some quick and easy ways you can help in your daily life.

Recycle Right

Recycling seems like the easiest way to help reduce our waste, right? Well, it absolutely blows our minds that its not mandatory! There are many citizens trying their best to recycle and with so many different rules on what’s acceptable to fill your blue bin with its easy to get it wrong. Throw in SF’s new green composting bin and you could be set for a headache. It’s important to get it right and be informed on how to recycle right in order to make sure that what you’re doing to help is actually helping. Visit the link to Recology SF to find out more on what really goes into those black, blue and green bins. And don’t forget E-waste too! All your unwanted electronics and broken gadgets definitely don’t belong in the trash (especially not the landfill). Your tax deductible E-waste donation can easily be picked up at your front door for free! Visit the link here for more details.

Choose a DIY Project

DIY projects are a fun and easy way to get creative and re-use items that no longer serve a purpose for you. If you have kids get them involved too and spend the weekend transforming unwanted knick knacks into handmade treasures. Some of our favorite DIY projects and ideas come from blogs like Unconsumption. Seen above, a super-cute idea for a new dog bed made from a vintage suitcase, metal funnels transformed into unique candle holders and your standard mason jars make bathroom organization easy. Surf the DIY blogs and get inspired for more do-it-yourself fun!

Re-use it or Lose-it

Everything should have more than one purpose in its lifetime. From a grocery bag, to a jar of spaghetti sauce, to an old bath towel, finding a second or third reason to put an item to use can not only save you time but also a whole lot of cash. If you haven’t already hopped on the band wagon and bought yourself some reusable cloth grocery bags see to it that your paper or plastic ones go a long way before they’re tossed away. Use them to bring your lunch, sort recyclables or pick up after your pooch. A standard grocery bag is built to last not just to be trashed!

Tupperware parties are a thing of the past. Why spend money on food storage when so much of your food comes with built-in reusable containers. Simply take all the containers and jars you buy filled with your pasta sauce, salsa and jams and reuse them as to-go containers for your lunch and your leftovers. You’ll never spend a buck on plastic Tupperware again!

Finally, when you’re due for a new set of linens find reasons to re-use and save the old ones. Why bother spending your cash on rags to scrub your tub or floors with? Old bath towels make great rags to clean your house with when you cut them up. Or leave one in the trunk of your car for that day you spill coffee or your dog gets soaked at the beach!

Whatever it is that you choose to do, to re-use and lessen your impact on our Earth helps! There is no feat too small to be recognized. Please feel free to share any of your at-home re-use ideas!

“Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without” – New England proverb

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SF in November

The leaves are turning, the air is crisp, the days are shorter and the holidays are looming. Maybe you have family and friends coming to town or maybe you’re hanging out in the city with your usual peeps. Either way we found some fun things in SF and around the Bay Area that will keep your relatives amused and you all happy. Time to grab a jacket, scarf and boots and hit the streets of SF!

Visit a museum and get inspired! There is no shortage of museums here in SF so your biggest problem will choosing which one you want to go to. We’d love to go check out the Houdini: Art and Magic exhibit at the Contemporary Jewish Museum. Houdini is a classic and we heard they have replicated his famous Water Torture Cell. Spooky. We’d also love to explore The American Sculpture and & Decorative Art Exhibit from the permanent collection at the De Young museum in Golden Gate Park. With over 800 sculptures and literally thousands of decorative arts you’ll have an eye full of inspiration to last you the rest of winter! Lastly, at MOMA until January is the Richard Serra Drawings Retrospective, complete with many of the artists sculptures. You will see the evolution of an artist and experience  the wall-sized abstractions he created. Enjoy!

Looking for someplace to take the kids this weekend? Natural Bridges in Santa Cruz is only a short drive away, and this time of year is perfect to go visit the population of Monarch Butterflies that flock in masses to the low hung eucalyptus trees. Gathered together for warmth you’ll see giant clusters of butterflies guaranteed to be memorable. Take a guided tour or just search around yourself, you will not be disappointed. Also, apple season is almost over but there are still many orchards around the Bay Area, like Gabriel Farms in Sebastopol, where you and your brood can spend the afternoon picking apples to your delight! Perfect for all your impending Holiday baking. And finally, if heading over the bridge or down the peninsula isn’t to your liking SF will soon be primed with 2 new outdoor ice skating rinks for you to enjoy this winter. You’ll find them at Embarcadero Plaza and in downtown at Union Square.

And now on a note about what not to do with your kids, here are a few high end booze runs you can make before the holidays hit. Hangar One vodka distillery in Alameda is open to the public and provides an amazing vodka tasting for you and your friends. With offerings like Buddhas Hand Citron, Spiced Pear and Mandarin Blossom we never thought vodka could taste so good. And who knew you could go wine tasting on Treasure Island? Yup, you sure can Treasure Islands Wines offers us over 20 varieties of wines from 5 notable artisan wineries located right on Treasure Island. So we say who needs Napa when you’ve got Treasure Island! And finally for the brew lover, SF is booming with locally made beers. Be it 21st Amendment in South Beach, or Magnolia in the Haight search no further for the cold fizzy stuff. And if you need an even more diverse selection City Beer Store in SOMA is stocked!

So whatever it is you decide to spend your free weekends doing this November, here’s to staying warm and enjoying all the friends and family around us!

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Happy New Year!

10 Things You Can Do to Help Say Goodbye to 2010:  Make a Resolution to Green your Wardrobe for the New Year

1.  Quality Not Quantity

Support the Slow Fashion movement.  Buy well made, high quality clothing that fits in your budget and also lasts a long time.  Classic silhouettes transcend questionable, short lived fashion trends and are more versatile.

2.  Think it Over

Who doesn’t spend a little extra time on the computer or window shopping now and then… so why not do your homework and take some time to get to know your favorite brands. Remember that when you buy from them you are also supporting their business practices, good or bad.

3.  Buy Locally

Support local companies.  When you buy local you are also supporting local jobs and your local economy, which will also benefit you in the long run.  When you buy locally you create less waste with less packaging,  transportation and shipping.  Check out Ekotable for locally made goods in your area.

4.  Go Vintage

Supplement your closet with pieces from your favorite vintage shop. They will add a timeless feel to your every day look.  Not only is vintage clothing beautiful but it is also sturdy in construction and can last a lot longer than some of the clothes made today. 

5.  DIY

Get creative and turn off the TV.  Pick up a pair of knitting needles or take on a silk screen class and give your old clothes a new look.  Learning a craft will also give you insight on how much time and effort one garment takes to produce.  Not mention it will give you a new appreciation for your own clothes and encourage you to take better care of them.

6.  Save Your Soles

Re-soling your leather shoes is often all that you need to give your old shoes a makeover and another several years of life.  Think about repairing a pair of shoes before you give up on them.

7.  Skip Conventional Dry Cleaning

Wash items that you are able to wash at home. Spot cleaning and hanging items outside to freshen also does a great deal, try that before you dry clean.  If you have to- use a green certified Dry Cleaner that uses non- toxic chemicals.

8.  Cut Paper Catalogues

Take some time to cut your ties with all those unwanted catalogs you get in the mail and save some trees in the process.  You know you prefer shopping online anyway!  Check out Catalogchoice.org, to pick and choose the catalogs you do and don’t want… it’s free!

9.  Love Thy Friends and Neighbors

We don’t have girlfriends for no reason- sharing clothes between friends is one of many benefits of having stylish friends. Don’t be afraid to pick through your friends closet for neglected clothes she is willing trade you for…or at least borrow for a night.

10.  Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself

We love clothes as much as the next person.  Sometimes its hard to resist a good deal,  but when you can, spend a little extra on eco-fashion. Most of all, don’t forget about your friends at Piece x Piece!  We have something special just for you.

Wishing you a Happy New Year and much love, peace and happiness in 2011.

Piece x Piece

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