Ties, Ties, Ties…for Women!

We know we’ve been talking a lot lately about the City Matrix tie for men and how the guys are all over them. Well, little did we know that the ladies are also hot and bothered to get their hands on their very own tie. Turns out women’s ties are the new “must have” accessory for Fall 2011. Don’t worry ladies, we’ll hook you up! Oh and how can we not share a picture of Diane Keaton dressed as Annie Hall (circa 1977.) She no doubt set the trend that started it all.

The proof is all here. We are seeing women sporting men’s ties all over the runways for Fall 2011 and we’re loving it! Check out Tommy Hilfiger, Paul Smith, and L.A.M.B. who all sent their models down the runway working a tie in various ways. Which one speaks to you?

We can always count on celebrities to get a trend going and how can we not stop and take notice. These ladies are a good example of how to take a trend and put your own spin on it. Leighton Meester looks feminine and comfortable wearing this menswear inspired outfit. Kate Moss is no exception either wearing a tailored suit with a rock & roll edge to it. Also, wearing a loose fitted tie her own way is Emma Watson combining a blazer and skirt to round out a very youthful look. Love these looks ladies!

*In case you don’t know how to tie a proper knot for your neck, here is a diagram to help you out. Now you have no excuse!

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  1. Love it!!! PxP ties were meant to be on ladies and guys alike!!

    Delia / says:
  2. i’m going to steal my boyfriends tie clip to really pull things together and make it my own!

    michaela / says: